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Reconnect with your deepest self

Look inside yourself and connect with your soul.

Majestic mountains and blue sky green grass
The Lotus Retreat surroundings in Paarl Winelands

We are often distracted by the outside world.

We are often challenged, via the outer world and what is playing out on the stage around us, to turn within. To look into ourselves and reconnect with our deepest self - our soul. We are asked to rethink the human identity structures of who we think we are. We’re all here to grow. To become conscious.

With our collection of bespoke retreats we take care of your needs in a loving and supportive space that allows you to find the stillness within each moment. I learnt that it is when we are able to live lovingly in our consciousness, free of judgement, that we see who we are and who we're meant to be.

Through our retreat programmes my team and I create a container wherein you, the retreat-goer feels safe to leave your comfort zone behind. We help to identify the limiting beliefs that holds you back from living your best life. Through meditation and body work we guide you to find compassion for self and the strength to be reborn as your true self.

Your soul, in human life!

Our November Detox Retreat brought new experiences

What one of our beginner retreat-goers said:

  • Day 1: "As first-timers my bestie and I were hesitant as we arrived. We're both new to meditation, but after Yvonne's Wellness Consultation my fear barometer immediately relaxed. I lost 16cm overall after one detox wrap and lymph drainage treatment! "

  • Day 2: "I loved the group circles and chatting to fellow retreat-goers. We talked about life and our reasons for attending the retreat."

  • Day 3: "If that dessert was part of a detox programme, I will definitely be back."

Join us next time! Find the retreat that suits your needs here.




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